Over the past 15 years, opals have gotten a bad rap. After having a fashion moment during the 1980s, these mysterious stones quickly become synonymous with tacky ’80s jewelry, and were waylaid soon after. This is not the opal’s fault. It is not the opal’s fault that hundreds of bad jewelry designers got together and decided […]

Some of you may already know how much we at Custom love the era of Art Nouveau. So we were thrilled when we were commissioned to make a modern Art Nouveau pendant. Our client was referred to us by our friend Phil over at Alternatives Lapidary. Phil had cut an amazing 9 carat shield-shaped Citrine, and […]

The rose cut is one of the oldest types of diamond cut. Started in the 15th century, and perfected during the early 16th, by today’s modern standards its six to twenty-four triangular facets do very little to cull the deep, scintillating fire, that a modern brilliant-cut stone can provide. And while it was cutting edge technology circa […]

I spent my early twenties as an archaeologist digging up everything from hunting knives and pottery to the remnants of housing structures. After that, I moved on to a corporate job that was cushy but not fulfilling. After seven years, I left my cushy corporate job to devote my life to creating and learning about jewelry. […]